In Finland we are leaders in our field, with a vast and verifiable experience in translations for companies, institutions, and individuals. During our more than twenty-five years of professional dedication we have translated a myriad of books, brochures, manuals, websites, magazines, commercial and legal documents, diplomas, title certification and succession of property procedures, as well as films and TV shows.

  • Annual reports
  • Publications for customers or personnel
  • Documents for export and import procedures, setting up of subsidiary companies, foreign investment, banking and insurance procedures, brochures and business correspondence
  • Technical translations for forestry processing industries, metallurgy, chemistry, meteorology, energy generation and transmission, IT, construction, etc.
  • Internet websites
  • Videos for advertising
  • Tender offers

Image of Finland

Espanjan kielipalvelu Potenze contributes to create the prestigious image of Finland in the world. Since 1993 we translate the materials employed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland to spread abroad different aspects of the country: books, brochures, touring exhibitions, films, and articles.

Publications of Public Institutions

Culture and Tourism

Tourist Brochures (Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Saimaa, Rovaniemi, etc).

The Image of Finland in the World

  • Personal documents
  • Diplomas and documents for recognition of academic degrees
  • Documents for real-estate transactions, tax and banking procedures, vehicle exportation, etc.
  • Documents for adoption, inheritance and immigration procedures, family affairs
  • Legal documents (civil, commercial, criminal and administrative law)

Finnish Films

Foreign Films

TV programmes and DVDs