Our Company

Espanjan kielipalvelu is a company of translators who meticulously prepare and implement each project of translation and interpretation. We thoroughly understand the needs of institutions, companies, and individuals who come to us, yet every day we seek to learn more. We know and study the legal and commercial procedures and the cultural contexts to which each translation applies. We never sub-contract cheap translations, yet strive to offer high-quality services at competitive prices. We adapt to the needs and goals of each customer, big or small, while considering the cultural aspects of communication both in the source and the meta languages.

Espanjan kielipalvelu can deliver the fastest and most fluid translations, produced according to the characteristics of each project, and the best interpretations, either for top-level international negotiations, congresses and conferences, international guests, to sign a deed of sale, or for court hearings.

We are founding members of the Cooperative of Translators of Finland, and members of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Finland.


About Us

Espanjan kielipalvelu Potenze is a Finnish firm with a vast experience in translation and interpretation, founded in 1989. It’s a family company whose members are:

Jaime Potenze, Degree in Economics, official translator (sworn) fi-es since 1983, former professor of Spanish language and Spanish trade at the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration of Helsinki, translator approved by the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland (1984). Co-founder and director for several years of Cinemaissí, the Latin-American film festival of Finland.
Teija Potenze, Master’s Degree in Spanish philology, interpreter, official translator (sworn) es-fi since 1994, former Commerce Assistant at the Embassy of Brazil, trainer of interpreters in the specialization courses at the University of Turku. Interpreter of Finnish Presidents. Former President of the Interpreters’ Bureau of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Finland.