Espanjan kielipalvelu is a small, agile and flexible company,
for which every customer matters.

About Our Company

Espanjan kielipalvelu is a translation and interpretation company specializing in Spanish and Portuguese languages. We have ample experience in complex projects for big companies and institutions, but also cater to the needs of lawyers, families, and students.

We aim to provide excellent service, adapted to the needs and goals of each customer, big or small, while always considering the cultural aspects of communication both in the source and the meta languages. To achieve this each work is meticulously crafted and revised by two official, native translators, one for each language.

Espanjan kielipalvelu can offer the fastest and most fluid translations, produced according to the characteristics of each project, and the best interpretations, either for a top-level international negotiation, or for the signing of a bill of sale.

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